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Governor's Crime Prevention Award Winners

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The Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute provides
"Crime Prevention for the 21st Century", a series of free crime prevention training presentations for community, business and law enforcement.
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MCCPI provides training on a variety of crime prevention topics. Should your agency or organization be interested in any of these topics, contact the Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute to discuss available resources.
  • Law Enforcement
    • Residential Crime Prevention Programs (4-day)
    • Commercial Crime Prevention Programs (5-day)
    • D.A.R.E. Entry Level, Expansion, and In-Service
    • Co-Sponsorships of workshops on prevention related topics.

  • Community Groups, Business, etc.
    • Personal Security
    • Residential Security
    • Commercial Security
    • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
    • Community Policing
    • Violence Prevention

2012 Governor's Crime Prevention 
Award Winners
2012 Annual Governor's Crime Prevention Award Winners

Technical Assistance
MCCPI also provides on-site technical assistance to organizations and communities desiring to organize or to further develop a crime prevention or community policing program. The Institute can assist you in developing strategies specific to your needs in many ways.
  • Mobilizing Communities
  • Revitalizing prevention efforts
  • Building partnerships
  • Networking with crime prevention specialists
  • Facilitating workshops & seminars
  • Providing technical and educational assistance
    • Crime Prevention
    • D.A.R.E. services
The Institute serves as a resource center for crime prevention information in Maryland. Reference materials and audio-visuals are available for loan upon request. FREE crime prevention brochures are available in limited quantities. A number of brochures are available online in PDF format as well.

Partnerships & Coalitions
MCCPI participates in many crime prevention coalitions, partnership, committees and networks at the national, state, and local level. The Institute supports such organizations as:
  • National Crime Prevention Council
  • Maryland Chiefs of Police Association
  • Maryland Sheriffs Association
  • Maryland Crime Prevention Association
  • Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault
  • Maryland D.A.R.E. Officers' Association
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Community Policing Institute
  • Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence
  • Maryland Triad/S.A.L.T. Network
  • Maryland Elder/Vulnerable Adult Abuse Prevention Committee
Special Projects
The Institute supports, promotes and facilitates several special crime prevention projects each year. Among them are:

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