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Baltimore City homicides and shootings

Violence Prevention Initiative

The Division of Parole and Probation (DPP) is aggressively targeting the most violent offenders under State supervision. Starting in 2007, using a data driven risk assessment tool, DPP identifies offenders with high propensity for committing future violent crimes, better focusing limited resources. Through improved relationships with local police, intelligence gathering and data sharing, DPP is proactively supervising this violent sub-set of offenders.

Through the VPI, DPP is getting more violation warrants issued by MD courts and the Parole Commission - 3,074 in the last two fiscal years. The end result is that 1,363 of Marylandís most violent offenders have had their parole or probations revoked during the same time period.

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VPI Gains Public Recognition


Daily information-sharing and intelligence-gathering between law enforcement and DPP targeting offenders under supervision in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Prince Georgeís County.

Since their inception, the three WatchCenters requested 450 warrants that resulted in 192 revocations.

Fewer Shooting/Homicide Victims in Baltimore City

The VPI/WatchCenter efforts have helped the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) to reduce shootings and homicides since the VPI began in July 2007.

Thanks to a more active DPP and better cooperation with police there have been 261 fewer shooting victims and 89 fewer homicides in Baltimore City in the last two fiscal years. This trend continued through calendar year 2009, with 135 fewer non-fatal shootings than 2008 reported by BCPD.

Also in 2009, DPP helped Prince Georges County Police reduce the homicide rate by almost 22% and violent crime close to 11%.

Improved Cross-Border CollaborationVPI Violations

Since September 2008, DPP has worked collaboratively with both Virginia and Washington D.C. to track the most violent offenders under our respective supervision as they cross in between jurisdictions.

Today, arrest information is shared on a daily basis. This collaboration allows three jurisdictions to compare arrest data against names of those under supervision for possible matches. It enables quick responses to new arrests by DPP through violation warrant requests on high risk offenders when appropriate. To date, MD has received arrest data on 3,279 arrests - 1,497 in FY09.

DPP agents also make joint home visits, 120 with DC in FY09, to let offenders know that just because they live across state lines doesnít mean they are invisible.

Quick Facts

Violence Prevention Initiative

  • 2,156 average active cases per month under VPI in FY09

   FY08 vs. FY09

  • 143% increase in VPI violation warrant requests [1] (1,240 vs. 3,027)
  • 61% increase in VPI violation warrants issued (1,176 vs. 1,898)
  • 248% increase in VPI offender supervision revocations (304 vs. 1,059)



  • Three WatchCenters - Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Prince George’s County
  • 412 warrants requested in FY09
  • 159 supervisions revoked in FY09


Violence Reduction

  • 16% drop in homicides and 20% drop in shootings during FY08 and FY09 compared to the previous two FYs.
  • 2008 saw second largest reduction in homicides statewide since 1985
  • 135 fewer non-fatal shootings in Baltimore City in CY09 vs. CY08
  • 22% drop in homicide rate and 11% drop in violent crime reported by Prince Georgeís County Police

[1] Number of VPI Parole and Mandatory Release warrants requested by DPP estimated for FY08 & FY09, based on numbers issued.

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