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Livescan Livescan

In an effort to ensure accurate and fast identification of offenders, DPSCS has installed Livescan machines at all Community Supervision offices throughout the state as well as correctional institutions. Use of Livescans enables law enforcement to now see offender parole/probation status on Rapp Sheets, while providing fast and accurate identification for intake and release of inmates.

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KioskA statewide Kiosk Reporting System is now in use by Community Supervision offices, helping free-up Agent time through use by low risk offenders and adding a measure of supervision for high risk offenders. During FY13:

  • There were 16,959 new enrollments in the Kiosk system and 200,154 check ins.

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DashboardDashboard image

The breakthrough Criminal Justice Dashboard, brought online by DPSCS’ Information, Technology and Communications Division in 2008, is a web-based clearinghouse of information on a criminal subject’s history. Dashboard is available to local, state and federal law enforcement and pulls information out of more than 100 databases from more than 24 agencies into a single platform. The program includes an interactive facial recognition feature and has won the Innovations Award from the Council of State Governments. Currently, there is an average of 653,529 queries a month in the Maryland Criminal Justice Dashboard.

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Offender Case Management System

The system is the department’s $15 million investment in a web-based system to bring together demographic, security and programming information on an offender from pretrial intake through release and to community supervision. Great strides in the implementation of this system happened during FY13. The Earned Compliance Credit Module was implemented and the Maryland Parole Commission also went online. OCMS is now fully operational and being used by all custody and supervision units throughout the Department.

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Quick Facts

Technology In FY13


  • Digitally fingerprints, palm-prints and photographs offender
  • Now being used at all Parole & Probation offices for intake
  • Expanding use for accurate identification of correctional intakes and releases


  • Check-in kiosks for low-risk offenders, added supervision tool for high-risk
  • 16,959 new enrollments and 200,154 check ins


  • Data consolidated from 100+ different databases, from 22 agencies
  • About 653,000 queries a month from MD law enforcement