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Chesapeake Detention Facility Restorative Justice Effort Nets the Cancer Society $1,000

March 22, 2012 - Staff and detainees at the Chesapeake Detention Facility (formerly MD Correctional Adjustment Center) in downtown Baltimore presented a check for more than $1,000 to the American Cancer Society today. The money was raised during a holiday fundraising program last December.

Warden Robert Koppel is working to increase programs and services at the former “Supermax” prison, whose official name change ceremony is slated for April 4. This is the facility’s first fundraising effort involving the federal detainees who now represent 100% of the incarcerated population. The facility's dedicated staff annually hosts a number of needy families for a large holiday luncheon and gift party.

Gail Molinari of the American Cancer Society was elated to receive the check, which marks the Society's very first from a correctional facility. She sincerely thanked both staff and detainees who made it happen.

Throughout DPSCS, staff and inmates are constantly coming up with ways to pay society back and help worthy non-profits and charities. Inmates groups from Cumberland to the Eastern Shore and Jessup to Baltimore hold walk-a-thons and other fundraisers which annually net thousands of dollars for a wide variety of organizations. And DPSCS staff are legendary in their giving back to society, through both donations and major fundraising and benevolent acts which include home improvement projects for the poor, charity walks and races, and community beautification efforts.