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Community Supervision looking for a few good men and women

(March 4, 2013) --- Among the true unsung heroes in the world of Maryland Public Safety are the corps of Community Supervision agents, who work in all corners of the state. photo1

The first line of defense for the public once an offender is placed under parole or probation supervision, Community Supervision agents do a largely unheralded but critical job: turning offenders to the right path, while helping them with job leads, community services, and other things that will hopefully keep them from re-offending.

On the Eastern Shore recently, agents from the Salisbury Community Supervision office joined forces with staff from Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover, the state’s largest prison, for a job fair at Salisbury University. During the daylong event, more than forty people expressed a desire to learn more about careers in Community Supervision and corrections.

ECI, with more than 3,200 inmates and 1,000 employees, is one of the largest job-providers and a major economic engine on the lower Eastern Shore. Community Supervision, with offices in all lower Shore counties, has a statewide reach, given that every county in Maryland and Baltimore City all have offices.

The job of an agent, while demanding, is a most rewarding one, since a good agent can make a real difference, not just in public safety, but in the very life of an offender who is sincerely trying to turn his or her life around.

Community Supervision agents supervise nearly sixty thousand men and women in all of the State’s twenty-three counties and Baltimore City. The job requires a college degree and a strong person who wants to make a real difference. Find out more by visiting the Community Supervision link on the DPSCS homepage.

DPSCS appreciates the effort of the Salisbury Community Supervision agents and ECI staff who spent their day teaching potential future public safety servants about the fields of corrections and community supervision.