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Inmates Try to Help Pay Victims Back Through Arts and Crafts Donations
The DPSCS Victim Services Unit's mission is to help those for whom the pain and loss caused by crime has become all too personal. This fall, the unit has helped to arrange a special inmate donation that will benefit a major victim resource center.


(September 11, 2012) --- Inmates who truly have changed and are remorseful for their crimes often ask how they can pay their victims back. This fall, some inmates in the DPSCS facilities did just that, donating artwork and crafts.

The Maryland Crime Victim Resource Center (MCVRC)annually has a big fundraiser, with proceeds to benefit the many victim services they provide. The Center was founded by the parents of Stephanie Roper, a Maryland college student who was murdered many years ago.

DPSCS’ Victim Services Unit put out the word to the state correctional facilities, asking inmates if they would be interested in donating their creative works to help victims. The response was outstanding. Inmates from prisons all over Maryland donated birdhouses, quilts, paintings, baby bibs, wooden toys, and other items---even a full-size American flag sewn at the women’s prison in Jessup.

All of the items will be auctioned this fall by MCVRC, another much-appreciatedd effort on the part of the Department - employees and inmates - to help victims in some small way.