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DPSCS K9 Unit Treats Elderly Veterans to a Special "Dog Show"

photo1(April 11, 2012) - The nationally-respected DPSCS K9 Unit paid a visit to the Maryland State Veterans Home in Charlotte Hall, bringing joy to some seniors who were amazed to see the dogs' prowess at finding contraband.

Normally, when DPSCS K9 Sergeants Noel Ganzzermiller and Michael Moore step out with their trusted partners, it's to a correctional facility to search for drugs, tobacco, cell phones, and other contraband. Today, the two DPSCS veterans and their four-legged co-workers paid a special visit to the state's only Dept. of Veterans Affairs nursing home and assisted living facility, in southern Maryland.

photo2The K9 teams showed the seniors how amazingly hardworking the dogs are, and how accurate they are at finding contraband. Several staff members and residents volunteered to let the dogs sniff them, and a staff nurse even held a packet of "contraband," which of course the K9 located immediately and accurately.

Lakin, Sgt. Ganzzermiller's dog, was one of the first DPSCS "home-bred" puppies, and now is a valued breeding mother as well as a still-working contraband detector. Sgt. Moore's dog is named Ovechkin after a famous hockey player---because, says the Sergeant, the dog has boundless energy and a full-tilt work ethic.

Both K9 handlers said they found the experience of giving back to veterans who gave their all for the USA most rewarding. And the residents just loved the opportunity to meet and greet members of one of the nation's best K9 units.

DPSCS salutes the K9 Unit for giving back to the veterans.