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Laundering Bras for a Good Cause

photo1(December 13, 2012) --- The bustling Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) Central Laundry Plant, at the pre-release Central Maryland Correctional Facility, can handle as much as 10,000 pounds of laundry a day.  On a normal day, inmates who are close to release clean more than eight thousand sheets alone for state agencies and non-profits.  The huge 400-pound washers and whirling dryers are always busy.

This week, MCE inmates helped pay society back in a most unusual way: the plant offered its services for free as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign, and inmates laundered seventeen thousand bras.

MCE picked up the bras from a Frederick radio station breast cancer promotion, with each bra meaning a one dollar donation to cancer research. But the bras themselves are also being donated - to women’s shelters - which is where the central laundry operation came in.

MCE is one of the top ten prison industries in the nation, employing 2,000 inmates and diversifying in recent years to include all sorts of interesting products and services, from oyster repopulation and battlefield restoration to meats and vegetable growing, as well as bay grass growing/planting and graphic design.

But this week, one place in the MCE system was all about a free service with a particularly unusual product. DPSCS appreciates the MCE effort in this large-volume bra laundering for cancer.