More Than 11,000 Books Donated To Correctional Libraries

When Judy Richter’s husband died late last year, she was careful to make sure that his most treasured possessions---his thousands upon thousands of books--- went to people who could really use them. So Ms. Richter donated the books---more than ten thousand of them--- to DPSCS prison libraries. Book Donation

To say that Gerald Solomon loved to read would be the understatement of the year. An entire apartment was stacked virtually floor-to-ceiling with books. Then there were storage lockers and boxes elsewhere. The collection included beautiful coffee table books, paperbacks, and everything in-between, their content covering just about every subject matter imaginable.

“The family’s goal is to get those books to the inmates,” said Ms. Richter. “That’s the best way we could think of to honor Gerry.”

In December 2010, Maryland Correctional Enterprises sent a team of men and women volunteers (some on leave days) to Mr. Solomon’s apartment. Within an hour, they had carried the books---all 10,000---- to a waiting box truck, and whisked them off to the Jessup warehouse. Book Donation


The “Solomon Collection,” as Ms. Richter refers to the books, represents the second big book donation to prison libraries recently. The Parole Rotary Club in Annapolis gave DPSCS libraries more than 700 books a few months ago. DPSCS Secretary Gary Maynard had spoken to that group, and was overjoyed when the Rotary offered to give inmates something fresh to read.

DPSCS is grateful to both Ms. Richter and the Parole Rotary for their tremendous benevolence, which will benefit nearly 30,000 men and women from Cumberland to Baltimore, and Southern Maryland to the lower Eastern Shore.