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State police now have a Web-based, high-def fingerprint tool to help solve cases
Baltimore Sun

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Thanks to an upgraded, $12 million fingerprinting system, the state expects to make tens of thousands of hits on previously unmatchable fingerprints, and has already made more than 150 matches in Howard County alone.

The new Maryland Automated Fingerprint Identification System allows law enforcement officials to make quicker, more accurate fingerprint hits with a Web-based, digitized system by producing high-definition fingerprint images - a system that state and law enforcement officials say is helping them make hits at a pace they've never seen.

"The state hit the jackpot with this one," said Robert Bartley, director of forensic services for the Howard County Police Department. "It's a little time-consuming, but boy does it pay off. ... I've been doing fingerprint work for 41 years, and I never thought I'd see a system like this."