New York, Maryland to Share Parolee, Probationer Information

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ALBANY, N.Y. -- If you are out on parole, you might want to behave yourself in Baltimore and the State of Maryland. Because New York is joining Maryland in a crime-fighting initiative in which the two states will share, on a daily basis, arrest records so the states can track the activities of their parolees and probationers.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley already has such arrangements with several other states, but this is a first for New York.

Sean Byrne, commissioner of NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, says "we want our offenders to know they can run, but they cannot hide."

Byrne says, eventually, New York wants to hook up with the other 49 states where such information can be exchanged instantaneously, instead of daily.

Asked why New York had not already done what Maryland has done, Byrne says, "It used to be that our systems were, to use a non-scientific term clunky."