Patrol Dog Puppies Bred at Maryland Correctional Institute

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HAGERSTOWN, MD - In an effort to save money, the state of Maryland has started to breed their own patrol dogs.

Their first litter of Belgian Malanois dogs, similar to German Shepherds, was born December 14th, 2010.

The 7 puppies born are being raised by the K-9 Unit of the Maryland Division of Corrections.

Raising each dog costs about $700, but buying a fully-trained patrol dog can cost the state up to $10,000 each.

By breeding their own dogs, the MD Division of Corrections can replace their retiring dogs while saving the state thousands of dollars.

"The budgets being what they are nowadays we had to come up with inventive ways of replacing our older and retiring dogs with new dogs," says Captain Mark Flynn, the Assistance Commander of the Maryland Division of Corrections K-9 Unit.

Flynn says the dogs are an extremely valuable asset to their street teams and correctional facilities.

"Mostly they provide a huge psychological deterrent," says Flynn. "Just the presence of a police dog is just as valuable as 20 to 30 officers in the same area."

The Maryland Correctional Institute in Hagerstown is holding a puppy-naming contest next Saturday, March 5th.