ECI Volunteers Honored
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WESTOVER, Md. There are over 200 volunteers at Eastern Correctional Institution, and Tuesday they received a simple thank you. But all the thanks Arnold Bienstock needs, is seeing the lives he touches every week.

"People don't realize how special it is I regard it as an honor to be in a prison and all the stereo types that people have about who are in prisons they're just false," he tells us.

And without volunteers like Arnold, the price tag for these services would fall on the shoulders of Maryland taxpayers.

"It's hard to tell how much this is saving these guys just give up their time and I mean it's hours that they volunteer here at ECI," Ronald Dryden tells us, the assistant Warden at ECI.

90 percent of ECI's 3,300 Inmates will be released back into the community, and it is the work of these caring individuals that help them smoothly transition into society.

WMDT caught up with Rev. Howard Travers, who used to volunteer his time and now serves as a Chaplin.

"If we can help prepare them for that release to help prepare them with job skills and life skills and help walk them through that process and transition into the community they're going to be in a better place than when they came here," he tells us.

Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to donate your time, contact the Eastern Correctional Institution.