New Email Feature Makes Public Input About Most Wanted Violators Easier

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Towson, MD (August 16, 2010)--- The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) is making it easier for citizens to provide tips about offenders found on our Most Wanted website. Through a new dedicated email, the public can now help track down the Division of Parole and Probationís (DPP) most wanted violators with the click of a mouse or a quick text message. The email address - Ė can be found on the Most Wanted DPP Violators website.

The site, launched in June, contains individuals whose violation warrants have not been able to be served to date. Photos, demographics and other known information about the Divisionís top 25 outstanding warrants are highlighted on the page. A tip phone line, (410) 333-8732, is also still available. All information provided via phone or email will remain confidential.

While DPP does not issue violation warrants, which is done by the Maryland Parole Commission or the Maryland Court System, their Warrant Apprehension Unit (WAU) aids local authorities in capturing individuals for whom a warrant has been issued after violating the terms of their discretionary parole, mandatory release, or court ordered probation. The WAU is part of DPPís Community Surveillance Enforcement Program (CSEP).

The WAU consists of roughly 40 men and women with special law enforcement training to execute arrest warrants. Their main focus is VPI warrants, but they also work with warrant service task forces throughout the state. Over the last two fiscal years the unitís clearance rate (defined as warrants served, not adjudicated) has been 90%.

This latest effort is one of many new outreach tools the Department is utilizing to increase public safety awareness in Maryland. Through an e-newsletter launched in May DPSCS is keeping stakeholders, such as our law enforcement and community partners, abreast of current initiatives.

Social media outlets are also being used to encourage the publicís involvement in locating outstanding DPP violators. Through Facebook and Twitter citizens can receive detailed highlights of some of our Most Wanted violators, updates on newly added violators, and follow DPSCS for news regarding other initiatives of the Department.

DPSCS hopes to inform a broader audience of our public safety responsibility, one that each of us has a stake in improving.