Sykesville Correctional Training Academy Graduates 26
Ceremony scheduled Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 2 p.m.

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TOWSON, MD (October 18, 2010) –Twenty-six officers graduate Tuesday from the Sykesville correctional training academy. The officers will go on to serve at Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services institutions, including state prisons, pre-trial facilities in Baltimore and the Patuxent Institution

Media is invited to the 2 p.m. ceremony. Please RSVP to Erin Julius on attached if planning to attend.

Since 1971, Maryland has required all state and local correctional officers to be certified by the state’s Correctional Training Commission. Before being chosen as a candidate to be a correctional officer, an individual must meet the Commission’s selection standards. Among the items included in this process are physical and mental fitness examinations, drug testing, background screening and oral interviews.

A selected candidate must then undergo training in an intense program. The Commission requires a minimum of 160 hours training – one month – for correctional officers.

Twelve academies throughout the state provide training in a variety of subjects pertaining to corrections, the supervision and treatment of inmates, and also the security, custody, control and discipline of inmates.

Individuals must receive passing scores of at least 75 percent on each academy examination. Those who successfully complete the training are graduated from the academy and are eligible to be certified as a correctional officer by the Correctional Training Commission.

The following are scheduled to graduate Tuesday from the five-week academy:

  • Kabir Ahmed
  • Gulzar Gondal
  • Justin Ambush
  • Valerie Hunt
  • George Anwuri
  • Talonda Johnson
  • Deshawn Ashley
  • Joshua Laplana
  • Olawale Banjoko
  • Synthia Muhammad
  • Vanessa Coad
  • Olusegun Odufoye
  • Ebenezer Cofie
  • Olalekan Omidiji
  • Penny Coulter
  • Lashana Quarles
  • Stacey Crest
  • Catherine Ringu
  • John Dill
  • Eduardo Santana
  • Vernon Dunlap Jr.
  • Daphney Edmonds
  • Lawrence Eliason
  • Chanel Epps
  • Jite Eregha
  • Toneik Fields