Wounded Man at Shock Trauma Identified as Inmate Who Had Been On DOC Delivery Job in City
DPSCS IIU probing circumstance of walk-off

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Towson, MD (May 19, 2011)---A man shot in a West Baltimore shopping center yesterday has now been identified as the 33-year old Division of Correction (DOC) inmate who walked away from a DOC delivery vehicle yesterday.

Stanley Dunham, a DOC inmate since 2002 who is near the end of his 15-year sentence for attempted second-degree murder, had worked a DOC job since December 2010 making deliveries in the region with a DOC employee. He left the delivery truck near the Westside Shopping Center yesterday afternoon and was shot sometime thereafter.

DOC immediately notified Baltimore Police about the walk-off, and police in turn notified DOC about the unidentified shooting victim. But no one was able to positively identify the shooting victim---who had been rushed into surgery--- as the inmate until a fingerprint match came back this morning.

The Internal Investigative Unit (IIU) of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) has a team of detectives working with the Baltimore City Police Department on the case. At this time, the exact circumstances of the walk-off and subsequent shooting are unknown. DPSCS, DOC, and IIU will undertake thorough administrative reviews to determine the circumstances of the event.