Roxbury Correctional Institution Announces Employee of the Month

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TOWSON, MD (June 8, 2011) – Terry Stotelmyer, Regional Maintenance HVAC Mechanic, has been selected as Employee of the Month for Roxbury Correctional Institution (RCI). Warden Gregg Hershberger selected Stotelmyer for this award because he always checks to ensure staff members are comfortable in their workspace. Upon request, Mr. Stotelmyer expedites repairs to HVAC or critical food service equipment. His interaction with staff is always positive and upbeat. No matter the task, he responds with the utmost professional and courteous manner and always displays a positive attitude. Mr. Stotelmyer is an asset to the three Hagerstown region facilities. He has been employed with the State of Maryland since April, 2003.

“He is a very dedicated employee who takes special interest in RCI and his HVAC craft to make sure his systems are operating in an optimal manner to make sure staff is comfortable,” said Rick Winebrenner, chief of the Hagerstown regional maintenance shop.

Roxbury Correctional Institution, located south of Hagerstown on Roxbury Road, is a Division of Correction facility that houses approximately 1,700 male offenders. There are approximately 450 personnel positions at the prison.