Public Safety Works Lends a Hand Along the C&O Canal

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TOWSON, MD (March 12, 2012)---One of the strong partnerships the DPSCS Public Safety Works restorative justice initiative has formed is with the National Park Service, which maintains the C&O Canal trail and its more than 184-mile-long park.

This spring, inmates have been helping out with a very labor intensive project: building a retaining wall for a new campground along the Potomac River. “The inmates are a big help to us,” says David Hixon, Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor at the C&O Canal National Historic Park. “The inmates we have seem to be proud to be a part of this construction and are very good workers.”

Secretary Gary Maynard has personally met with the superintendent of the C&O Canal National Historic Park, and other inmate crews have already done quite a bit of work there.

Other projects with other National Park Service properties are being explored, and of course inmates have already re-forested portions of Antietam National Battlefield, a project which drew high praise from that park’s superintendent.

Public Safety Works provides government agencies and non-profits with low-security inmates who are soon to be released. These inmates perform projects that the agencies could not otherwise do, given their manpower and resources. These tend to be meaningful community-enhancing projects that far eclipse the scope of the normal inmate roadside litter detail.

To find out if Public Safety Works can work for your non-profit or government agency, contact John Rowley at 301 729 7690.