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DPSCS statement about federal indictments

Towson, MD (April 23, 2013) --- Todayís indictments are a direct result of the cooperation between our system and our law enforcement partners leading this investigation. This has been an ongoing investigation as a result of the Department reaching out to its federal partners in 2011.

More than two years ago, DPSCS was integral to the formation of the MD Prison Taskforce, which was set up to investigate and root out corruption inside Marylandís prisons and jails.

During the last five years, the department has focused its efforts on identifying and reducing gang activity behind prison walls. After a spate of violence in 2006, the department shut down the House of Correction and led a wide-reaching gang and intelligence-sharing initiative.

We have also improved the correctional academy, with an intense focus on corruption to include classes on inmate behavior and fraternization, and new regulations to check the gang membership status of prospective correctional officers.

As a result, Marylandís prison system and the Baltimore City Detention Center have never been safer, but we will continue with our partners to root out corruption.

  • A focus on developing gang intelligence, information sharing with law enforcement, and contraband interdiction has driven down the number of serious assaults since FY 2007: Inmate-on-staff serious assaults down 65%. Inmate-on-inmate serious assaults down 47%.
  • During FY12, the curriculum for the Correctional Entry Level Training program was revamped and expanded. Recruits now undergo 35 days of training, more scenario-based exercises, an intensive focus on corruption including classes on inmate behavior and fraternization.
  • Procured a cell phone suppression pilot program during FY12, which utilizes electronic detection equipment. This is currently being tested in Baltimore City.

For more information, please see the attached fact sheet.