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The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services collects statistical data to aid in the supervision of offenders and manage daily operations. In an effort to afford the public easy access to some of these stats we have compiled available information that answers common requests.

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Institutional Supervision Stats

Here you will find basic information about correctional populations in Maryland, including:

  • Inmate Characteristics reports, produced by DPSCS Office of Grants, Policy and Statistics, dating back to 1999 contain quarterly snapshots of basic information about the DPSCS population, by institution, such as sex, race, age, average sentence length and type of offense.
  • Population counts for DPSCS sentenced inmates across Fiscal Years.

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Community Supervision Stats

Community Supervision (formerly Division of Parole and Probation - DPP) produces selected annual statistics about the population it supervises in the community including supervision type and location.

Additional historical statistics about supervision produced by the Office of Grants, Policy and Statistics through FY2007 are also available here.

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Budget / Staff Stats

See annual DPSCS Operating Budget for past and current years – including capital projects, staffing allocations and the annual performance measurements, Managing for Results, in the Fiscal Year Budget Books maintained by the Maryland Department of Budget and Management.

Choose the year you are interested in, click on proposed operating budget detail, then click on the Public Safety and Correctional Services link in volume II.

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Maryland's StateStat

Accountability & efficiency in your state government

Other DPSCS Stats