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The following is a list of programs and events occurring throughout the various divisions and agencies of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Please contact the Communications Office at 410-339-5081 for details.

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Year Round

Drinking Driver Monitor Program “The Real Costs of Driving Drunk” Program – teaches teens the actual dollar costs of drunk driving from court and lawyer fees to medical costs.
Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) The prison industry arm of the Division of Correction provides structured employment and training activities for offenders to improve employability upon release, reduce prison idleness, and provide quality goods and services.
Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) CJIS maintains Maryland’s finger-printed supported criminal identification records and criminal history record information, and performs related functions such as expungements.
Sex Offender Registry (SOR) Listing of child sex offenders, sexually violent offenders and sexually violent predators living and working in Maryland.
Inmate Locator Listing of offenders supervised by the Division of Correction and their housing locations.
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Administers compensation to crime victims.
Warrant Apprehension Task Force unit responsible for tracking down offenders who have absconded from parole or probation supervision.
CSAFE Collaborative Supervision and Focused Enforcement is an effort in which staff from the Division of Parole and Probation and various other law enforcement agencies work together to target high risk offenders, reclaim at-risk neighborhoods, protect/support victims and prevent youth violence, drug use and gang activity. Also see
Canine Partners for Life Program Puppies trained by inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women (MCI-W) in Jessup to be helpers to those with disabilities/medical needs.
Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions Ensures the quality of law enforcement and correctional services through the establishment and enforcement of standards and facilitation and delivery of training, education and prevention programs.
Religious Service Volunteers/Prison Ministries Help address the spiritual needs of inmates through religious services counseling and bible study classes.
Eager Street Academy The only public school in the United States located on the grounds of a detention center.
Institution Activity Volunteers Help facilitate inmate programs in areas such as: Visual Art, Creative Writing, and Girl Scouts.


SPRING Inmate Calendar Art Contest
April Crime Victims’ Rights Week
  • OPEN HOUSE: networking event for victims and various community support services
Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Prevention Month
May Public Safety Employee Appreciation Week
Run, Walk and Tug-of-War for Special Olympics
July Female inmates at MCI-W make flags throughout the year for celebrations such as July 4th and Flag Day
Parole, Probation, Community Supervision Week
October Religious Volunteers Appreciation Luncheon sponsored by the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
November State Use Industries Food Service help prepare turkeys for Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving
WINTER Female inmates at MCI-W knit caps for premature babies and chemotherapy patients
February Black History Month activities at the Eager St. Academy