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DPP conducts the following investigations on offenders when requested for the Judiciary and the Maryland Parole Commission:

Pre-Sentence (PSI) - A collection, reporting and analysis of relevant information concerning an offense and the offender. The PSI assists the judge at sentencing procedure.

Post-Sentence - Is done at the request of the sentencing judge or panel of judges for reconsideration of an offender's sentence.

Pre-Trial - Completed at the request of the court to provide information about a defendant and offense prior to rendering a verdict or accepting a defendant's plea.

Special Court - Completed for the court in cases where the court may have need of information regarding some aspect of the offense and/or the defendant's life without desiring a Pre-Sentence Investigation.

Pre-Parole - Conducted for the Maryland Parole Commission (MPC) on inmates committed to local jails to assist in determining an inmate's suitability for parole.

Pre-Parole on Life Case -Is requested by the MPC on a Life Case when inclined to recommend parole for an offender serving a life sentence.

Special Divisional - Completed for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the MPC, corrections or other offices of the Department to satisfy requests for limited and/or specific information.

Home and Employment - completed for the MPC to verify and evaluate and inmate's proposed home and employment plan.

Interstate Home and Employment - Conducted to determine the suitability of a proposed home and employment program for the transfer of a probationer or a parolee to Maryland from an out-of-state jurisdiction.

Interstate Background - Completed for requesting state to provide information needed in that jurisdiction.

Executive Clemency - Completed for the Governor when considering granting executive clemency and commuting or changing any sentence of death into penal confinement, pardon any person convicted of a crime, or remit any part of the time for which any person is sentenced to imprisonment.

Applicant Employment - Provides information on persons who have applied and are being considered for employment by the Division of Parole and Probation.