Eligible Person Program

First established in 1977, Patuxent Institution's Eligible Person (EP) program is authorized to serve up to 350 offenders annually including 300 male offenders and 50 female offenders.

In order to be eligible to be evaluated for admission to this program, offenders must:

  • Have three years or more remaining on their sentence;
  • Have an intellectual impairment or emotional imbalance;
  • Be likely to respond favorably to the programs and services provided at Patuxent Institution, and
  • Be better able to respond to remediation through Patuxent Institution's programs and services than by other incarceration.

Patuxent generally excluded from consideration inmates sentenced to life imprisonment. Individuals who have been convicted of 1st degree murder or a 1st degree sexual offense are also generally excluded unless the sentencing judge specifically recommends the evaluation.

Inmates may be recommended for the Patuxent Institution by the sentencing court, or the State's attorney of the county in which the person was last convicted. An offender also may voluntarily request the Patuxent Program. If an inmate meets the basic eligibility requirements for an evaluation by Patuxent Institution, the individual is transferred to the Institution. A six-month evaluation process begins during which time clinical staff assess the inmate’s suitability for the program. If the team concludes that the inmate can benefit from the program, recommendation is made to the director to accept the individual as an EP.

The eligible person program is completely voluntary, and offenders may withdraw from the program at any time. Once an inmate withdraws, he or she is transferred to a Division of Correction facility and is not eligible to reapply for admission for at least three years.

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