Institutional Board of Review

Patuxent Institution is the only Maryland State correctional facility that has its own conditional release authority--the Institutional Board of Review (IBOR). Inmates in either the Eligible Person Program or Youth program are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Maryland Parole Commission. Through the Institution's conditional release program, the Board may grant, deny, or revoke status to offenders in these treatment programs; may find offenders ineligible for a treatment program, and can recommend that the sentencing court release an offender from the remainder of a sentence.

The Board is composed of nine members, including the Director of Patuxent Institution, two Associate Directors, the Warden, and five members of the general public (one of whom must be a member of a victim’s rights organization). Please refer to Correctional Services Article, Section 4-205 of the Maryland Annotated Code.

Rules of the Board include:

  • Citizens appointed by the Governor to 4-year terms.
  • Action of Board of Review by majority vote except decision to grant leave, work release, or parole requires 7 out of 9.
  • In the eligible person program, parole of lifers whose crime was committed after July 1, 1982, but before March 20, 1989, require the Governor’s approval.
  • Parole of any lifer in the Youth program requires the Governor’s approval.
  • Lifers with crimes committed after March 20, 1989, require the approval of the Secretary and the Governor.

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