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Patuxent Institution

Patuxent Institution is a maximum security correctional facility that houses both male and female offenders. The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services mission of protecting the public, protecting its employees and protecting the offenders under its supervision has remained paramount in the institution's delivery of specialized treatment services to male and female offenders who are incarcerated at the facility. The institution falls under the administrative authority of the deputy secretary for operations. The director of the institution serves as the appointing authority and is assisted by the warden, associate director for behavioral sciences, and the associate director for psychiatry in the delivery of clinical services in a safe and secure facility.

The statutory Eligible Person and Youth Programs address the needs of male and female offenders with severe character disorders who typically have a history of substance dependency. These two programs stress the development of pro-social behavior patterns, educational programming, and the establishment of an effective work ethic. Offenders within these programs are under the conditional release authority of the institution's board of review.

In addition to the above noted statutory programs, Patuxent Institution is the centralized location for several other clinical programs. The institution provides assessment, stabilization, and transition services to offenders within the department who have serious mental illness. In addition, clinical staff at the institution provide substance abuse programming, remediation services to parole violators, and risk assessments to offenders being considered for parole from the Maryland Parole Commission.