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Lockbox FAQs

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  • Q. 1 - What is the Lockbox?
    • The Lockbox is a service provided by a bank where money orders received at the designated P.O. Box are picked up and delivered to the bank responsible for processing and depositing the incoming Money Orders sent to inmates at some State of Maryland Correctional Institutions.
    • The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services –Division of Correction only accepts Money Orders. NOTE: Cashier Checks, Personal Checks, Official Checks, Bill Pay Checks, Bank Checks, Non-Electronic Transfers and Non-US Currency Checks/Money Orders will not be accepted.
  • Q. 2 - What correctional institutions use Lockbox?
    • BCCC - Baltimore City Correctional Center
    • BCF - Brockbridge Correctional Facility
    • CDF - Chesapeake Detention Facility
    • CMCF - Central Maryland Correctional Facility
    • DRCF - Dorsey Run Correctional Facility
    • EPRU - Eastern Pre-Release Unit
    • JCI - Jessup Correctional Institution
    • MCIJ - Maryland Correctional Institution-Jessup
    • MCIW - Maryland Correctional Institution for Women
    • MRDCC - Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center
    • MTC - Metropolitan Transition Center
    • PATX - Patuxent Institution
    • SMPRU - Southern Maryland Pre-release Unit
  • Q. 3 - What information is required on the money order?
    • The Inmate’s Name, Institution and Inmate SID # (State Identification Number).
    • Sender’s Name and Address.
    • Please use Black or Blue Ink pen only on the money orders and neatly PRINT the required information.
  • Q. 4 - Who should the money order be made payable to?
    • Money Orders should be made payable to the Inmate (Full Committed Name; no AKA’s, etc). See Example Money Order Below.
  • Q. 5 - What is the address to send money orders for Lockbox institutions?
    • Money Orders should be addressed to the Inmate, SID # and Institution, and sent to P.O. Box 17111, Baltimore, MD 21297-0382. See Example envelope below.
  • Q. 6 - Will the Lockbox accept other items, such as cards, letters, packages, pictures, magazines, etc.?
    • NO.The Lockbox is set up to accept Money Orders only. Please do not send cards, letters, packages, pictures, magazines, etc. to this P.O. Box, as it may delay the processing time of money orders and the items may be returned to sender.
    • Cards, letters, packages, pictures, etc. must be sent directly to the Institution where the inmate is housed.
  • Q. 7 - How long does it take for funds to be deposited to an inmate’s account?
    • Once received at the P.O. Box and delivered to the Lockbox, money orders that have the required information accurately completed, will take 5-10 business days to completely process. If money orders are not completed correctly, they will take longer to process and may be returned to sender.
  • Q. 8 - Can I send a money order by overnight, next day, priority mail or other expedited courier service?
    • Yes. It will only arrive sooner to the Lockbox. It will not expedite how the money orders are processed. Money orders will be processed as indicated above in 5-10 business days.
  • Q. 9 - Are holds placed on money orders?
    • Yes. Money orders in the amount of $250.00 or more are placed in a hold status for 30 days.
  • Q. 10 - Will the inmate receive a receipt?
    • Yes.
  • Q. 11 - Does an inmate’s account need to be transferred when the inmate is moved to another Institution?
    • No. The inmate’s account automatically follows the inmate as long as he/she is committed to the State of Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services-DOC.
  • Q. 12 - If I sign and send an inmate a money order, is it refundable to the sender?
    • No. Once a signed money order is received and deposited by our Banking System, it is not refundable.
  • Q. 13 - Where should I send a money order if the inmate is not located at one of the Lockbox Institutions listed above?
    • Please send money orders directly to the Institution where the inmate is located. Institutional information can be obtained at The “Details/Visiting” section of the institution contains the address in the upper right.
  • Prior to making an inquiry about the status of a money order, please contact the money order company about the status of the money order (outstanding or cashed).  If cashed, obtain the cashed date (not the purchase date) and have this date along with the money order receipt available when inquiring via email or phone.  If the money order is still outstanding, not cashed, the DOC staff will not yet have any information to reference to assist you.

    Money Order Companies:
    • Postal Office:  1-866-459-7822
    • Western Union:  1-800-999-9660
    • Money Gram:  1-800-542-3590
    • Global Express:  1-800-394-4525
    • Wells Fargo:  1-800-869-3557

    For questions regarding Money Orders sent to the P.O. Box/Lockbox, please email and put Lockbox in the Subject field or call 410-540-6221, 410-540-6222, 410-540-6223, or 410-540-5712 and have the following information readily available:

    • Money Order number
    • Amount of the Money Order
    • Inmate’s Name
    • Inmate’s SID number
    • Inmate’s Institution
    • Date Money Order was cashed (contact the money order company for this information)

    For questions about money orders mailed directly to an Institution, contact the Institution where the Inmate is located.

    Sample Money Order
    sample money order

    Sample Addressed Envelope
    sample addressed envelope