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Operations - Detention

Everyone arrested in the City of Baltimore, or arrested on a warrant from the City, comes through the DPSCS’ detention facilities. The institutions include the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center, the Baltimore City Detention Center and the Pretrial Release Services Program.

Central Booking opened in 1995 as the single location where all arrestees in Baltimore are processed.

The Baltimore City Detention Center annually holds more detainees, including teenagers facing adult charges, than any local jurisdiction in Maryland. The center houses a unique high school behind bars: the Eager Street Academy. A wide array of mental health, social, educational, recreational, spiritual, and rehabilitative programs is available for the entire population of the Baltimore City Detention Center.

The Pretrial Release Services Program serves clients in four areas: investigative, case management, case diversion, and detention. The program assesses criminal history, provides community supervision to defendants awaiting trial, and risk classification for bail review.

A treatment program started in 2008 within the detention facilities received national recognition for being the first state prison system in the country to be awarded licenses for methadone use from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Major violence-reduction efforts throughout DPSCS have resulted in low occurrences of serious weapon assaults against staff in detention facilities in the City. The Department’s contraband crackdown has resulted in seizures of controlled dangerous substances, cell phones and other items that often incite violence among offenders.

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Offender Information
For location, identification number and status of offenders currently in detention please contact the Customer Service office at 410-545-8120, 410-545-8121 or 410-545-8128.

Operations - Detention
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