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Frequently Asked Questions

Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance FAQs Index

Budget, Planning and Administration

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  1. How does the Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance (DCCFM) assist local governments in their construction and improvement projects for local detention centers?
    • In May of every year, DCCFM, on behalf of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services for the State of Maryland, solicits requests from each county for financial assistance for new detention facilities and capital improvements for older facilities. The responses from the counties must include a five-year projection of estimated requests and projects.
  2. Is there a limit to the amount the State will finance?
    • Yes. The State will only fund up to 50% of the cost of new beds needed, provided that they meet specific guidelines. Under some special sentencing ramifications, 100% funding may be available.
  3. What is an example of these guidelines?
    • Cells funded by the State must be at least 62.5 sq. ft. but no larger than 70 sq. ft., for two Incarcerated Individuals.
  4. Are building projects the only projects the State will provide partial funding for local governments?
    • No. The State of Maryland can provide assistance for capital improvements and even capital equipment. Please refer to the Local Jail Capital Improvement Program Policy and Procedures Manual for qualifying details.
  5. What is capital equipment?
    • Capital equipment is items that have a life expectancy of at least 15 years and generally are permanently installed. Examples of capital equipment are steel bunks for incarcerated individuals. Computer equipment would not be considered capital equipment due to a short life expectancy.
  6. What would be considered a capital improvement project?
    • The replacement of a detention center's security system control panel would be one example of a project considered for funding.
  7. What kind of projects would not be funded by the State?
    • One example is air-conditioning an incarcerated individual's housing unit..

Procurement Contracting

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  1. Who do I contact concerning Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MBE) information?
    • The Maryland Department of Transportation's website has a large section that deals with MBE issues.  Also, Maryland's MBE law changed, effective July  Click here to go directly to learn more about MBE.
  2. Which company has been awarded a contract?
  3. How do I get a copy of debarred contractors?
    • The Board of Public Works compiles this list of debarred contractors.  Click here to go there directly.

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