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Frequently Asked Questions

DPSCS Employment

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  1. What happens after I send in my application in response to one of your current job announcements?
    • Your application will be reviewed to see if your education and experience matches the Minimum Qualifications for that job classification. These Minimum Qualifications, as well as any Selective Qualifications or other special requirements or limitations, will be clearly listed on each job announcement. If your application is approved, then you will be scheduled for a written or oral examination, or you will be sent an additional form to complete for scoring, or your application itself will be scored. You will receive a score of Best Qualified, Better Qualified, or Qualified, and your name will appear on the Eligible List for the job classification, usually for at least 1 year. You will be notified by mail of your score.

      If your education and experience does not meet the Minimum Qualifications or other Selective Qualifications or Limitations, or if your application has not been received or postmarked by the closing date, you will be notified by mail that you are not in the approved candidate pool.

  2. Can I send you an application or resume anytime so that I don't have to worry about closing dates?
    • No. Unless a job is listed as Open & Continuous, you may apply only when it is posted, and your application must be postmarked or received by the closing date. You may not send a resume in place of a Maryland State application, Form MS100 This link points to an external site and will open in a new browser window., but you can send a resume with a completed MS100 if you wish. We do not keep applications or resumes on file for the future.

  3. Once I am on the Eligible List, when will I hear about an actual job?
    • When an Agency within the Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services needs to fill a vacancy, they must use a current Eligible List to do so. Normally the Agency mails letters to candidates on the list to schedule them for an interview, but sometimes they may contact candidates on the list by telephone or other means. Interviews are usually conducted, and a selection is made in accordance with all State and Departmental regulations. Candidates not selected will remain on the eligible list until the expiration date of their scores, and may be contacted again for other vacancies.
  4. I'm confused about the salaries listed on your job announcements. Why do you show two amounts, and how do I know what my salary will be?
    • The salary range listed on the job announcement is the minimum and the maximum salary steps for the job classification. In most cases, new State employees are hired at the minimum, or base step, although in cases of recruitment difficulties or other exceptional circumstances, a newly hired candidate can be paid above the base rate. If you are already a Maryland State employee and you are appointed to a position via promotion, transfer or demotion, your salary will be set in accordance with current salary rules. Be sure to ask the personnel office of the hiring Agency for clarification of your salary before you accept a position if you are unsure.
  5. I hear that you hire many Correctional Officers every year for positions throughout Maryland. Is this really true?
    • Yes, we really do hire a large number of Correctional Officers every year! It takes many dedicated individuals to staff our 26 correctional facilities, and with a 20 year retirement plan and a large number of officers being promoted to supervisory and managerial positions every year, we are always hiring new Officers.
  6. What about training as a Correctional Officer?
    • After you are hired as a Correctional Officer, you will attend a 6-week training academy, which will include classroom and physical fitness training. You will be assigned to academy training in the Baltimore metro area, Hagerstown, Cumberland or Wicomico County. You will receive your regular pay while in training and you will not be required to live on site for academy training.

      Although we train our Officers after they are hired and continue to do so throughout their career, we encourage anyone interested in a correctional career to seek formal education in this area. Many four year and community colleges offer courses and degree programs in Criminal Justice and Correctional Sciences, which will benefit you when you begin your career as a professional Correctional Officer.

  7. Is Parole Agent one of your positions too? What about other kinds of jobs?
    • Yes, the Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services fills many Parole and Probation Agent I positions every year also. We test for this job classification at least once a year, and when it is open you can find it posted with our other job listings. This position requires a bachelor's degree with 30 credit hours in the social, behavioral or correctional sciences and 21 years of age. No prior experience is required.
  8. I have a question not mentioned here. Where can I get an answer?
    • We encourage you to peruse this entire web site for more information about the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services. If you still have questions, particularly about employment opportunities, call the Recruitment & Examination Unit at 410-585-3060 or toll free at 1-877-206-9941. We can also be reached by E-mail at HRRecruitment E-mail Link

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